Midodareni & Paes Ageng

Midodareni is known as “pingit” night. It means the bride must stay in her room during the night just before the wedding, wear simple clothes and makeup and could not go anywhere. Based on the Javanese myth, Midodareni comes from a legend about a man named Jaka Tarub and a beautiful Goddess named Dewi Nawangwulan.

Paes Ageng is a type of Javanese traditional bridegroom’s makeup. In the past, this type of makeup could be worn only by the royal family of Kraton Yogyakarta. But since Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX governed in 1940, with his kind-hearted personality, he gave the society an opportunity to wear this makeup too in a wedding ceremony.

Still photos from a documentary film about Traditional Javanese Wedding.

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